Building up others = success

If you were to ask The Acadomi coach, Kenda Eubanks, competitiveness drives success in daily life. For her, whether it was sports or playing games with her brothers, as a child Kenda was competitive in everything she did. It’s a mentality that has stuck with her ever since. These days, she has the same mindset, but with a fresh outlook.

She now finds success in assisting in the advancement of the careers of others. She has recently been appointed coach of The Acadomi… the training ground for recent grads and new hires to the Optomi organization.

“Success is about building others up along the way,” she says. “Seeing other people have success gives me joy.” Kenda says, “Just because you see success, that doesn’t mean it didn’t come with a lot of failures.” A good leader is someone who can recognize others’ failures and turn them around. The collaborative and supportive environment that Optomi offers is something that has helped cultivate the growth of the firm as well as Kenda throughout her career. Optomi’s environment is one thing that motivates Kenda. She has taken the encouragement that she once received and has put it to use through her own mentorship. In the workplace, it is not just about taking pride in your own accomplishments but celebrating the team’s accomplishments as well. Kenda finds fulfillment by pushing others to do their best.

If you were to meet Kenda, you’d find her to be very genuine. It’s one quality that makes her an outstanding coach, and having this trait is something that sets her apart as a mentor. She recognizes that different things motivate different people. She helps people remember the reason behind their hard work. For some it’s career advancement, for others it’s the camaraderie in the workplace, for others it’s the “giving back” programs. Whatever it is, Kenda takes pride in helping them apply themselves and continue to push forward.