Christopher Smith describes himself as a person with good work ethic. From the start, he has always pushed himself to perform his best. However, the way he viewed success has changed since the beginning of his career. Before, Christopher would go the extra mile with the objective being to make as much money as possible. Now, making money is just a bonus.

As a leader of The Acadomi, Christopher finds fulfillment in helping as many people as possible through his work. Christopher now strives to make an impact on others, not for his own personal gain. He says, “I want to put my heart and soul into The Acadomi and help others become successful in their career.” He ultimately finds success in the success of those around him.

Christopher recognized early on that Optomi is a place where people truly care about each other. Recognizing how Optomi cares for their employees has inspired him to apply the same authenticity to members of The Acadomi. The primary goal of his job is to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Holding the value “genuine” is a critical element to him.

“Money isn’t everything,” he says. Which is a shift in perspective from the start of Christopher’s career. With the launch of The Acadomi, this Head Coach measures his success by the barometer of overall company impact. And the impact has been significant. He’s coached more successful employees for Optomi than any other individual. Christopher says, “You want the person sitting next to you to succeed as much as you want yourself to succeed.” He says, “My goal is to be happy in life. I’m not happy if I’m not pushing myself to reach my full potential. Now that potential is in the form of seeing others reach their goals.”