Why IT is a Great Field for a Budding Career

The demand for innovative tech is still high in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. Skilled IT professionals are of great value to companies across industries. Cybersecurity threats, emerging tech, and continuing education in the face of a rapidly changing digital landscape are challenges for modern IT professionals.

In today’s talent acquisition and retention crisis, finding (and keeping) great talent is more difficult than ever before. Combine this with digital acceleration across industries, and businesses face unprecedented challenges in maintaining an edge over the competition.


IT as a Foundation for Growth

Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for 2022 eBook highlights many of the changes occurring in IT talent and acquisition. In this report, Gartner’s research indicates that 64% of IT executives cite talent shortages as the most significant barrier to adopting emerging technology, a considerable increase from 2020 when IT executives indicated this percentage to be roughly 4%.

This demonstrates a gap in critical skills and tech adoption in companies across industries. These skill gaps exist in computer infrastructure and platform services, IT automation, storage systems, and more. If organizations are not prioritizing training and teaching new skills to their IT staff, they will inevitably fall woefully short of the progress in today’s digital age.

This study shows IT as a foundation for growth in companies across industries. A company’s resilient and efficient IT structure helps streamline operations, ensure data integration, and create a more secure tech landscape.

Given that IT is such an integral part of a company’s success, it continues to be a lucrative industry for career-minded individuals to pursue. Or those just beginning their career path, the Technology sector can expose them to a variety of emerging innovations and can be the bedrock for a thriving career.

The specific field of IT staffing is an opportunity to be immersed in the needs of fortune listed companies and learn how technology drives their business initiatives. Employees who add value to an organization are typically rewarded in-kind. At this point in America’s history, gaining IT knowledge and applying it can propel a new career to surprising heights.

Overall, utilize the smaller size of your company as a strength, not a weakness, as it behooves employees to get more facetime with managers and executives, which is often missing in large companies. And if you’ve offered these things to potential employees, make sure you follow through and present them with opportunities for growth and enhancement. A survey by Monster indicated that employees preferred to work at a business between 6 and 100 employees.