Why Philanthropy is Good Business

Most people want to pursue a career that adds meaning to their lives. One way individuals do this is by giving back to the community through their work. People place a high value on companies that have a social responsibility component.  They want to feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. And so philanthropy in the workplace has almost become common place.

This was not always so. Rudimentary forms of corporate philanthropy began decades ago with a typical arrangement being a donation of a percentage of profits to a charitable organization.

When we established Optomi, LLC back in 2012, we did it differently. Our Opt2give Program was and is still a 1– for –1 program where for every consultant we place for a client, a food-insecure child receives a weekend supply of meals. To date, we have donated over 35,000 meals to children in the U.S.

Social responsibility is a way for organizations to provide opportunities to others through their work while also enhancing their company’s own value. Alexandra Williams, Optomi Senior Account Executive, has developed a passion for using her job as an outlet to give back.

Alexandra has been an employee at Optomi for just two years and is one of the hardest-working, dedicated employees here.  She is driven by her charitable efforts and her motivation to be the best and all she does.

Alexandra’s diligence has resulted in a rewarding outcome. This year Alexandra received the “Volunteer Appreciation and Impact” award from Apparo (?). Apparo is a nonprofit organization xxxxxxxxx. This award is granted to a volunteer who is the most inspirational in their efforts to support a nonprofit partner.

Alexandra is a prime example of the relationship between philanthropy and success. She ranks in the top 20% of employees at Optomi. This relationship is no coincidence. When employees are not only working to make money, but also to make an impact, they are destined for greatness.

We also see this relationship play out through Meghan Robinson… one of our very top salespeople.  Her xxxx and her dedication to cultivating our internal culture is unrivaled.


These are just a couple examples of the employees at Optomi who use their influence to make an impact. Knowing you are making a difference in others’ lives provides greater fulfillment than money alone can deliver.